It is rightly said that, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Since a Pharmacist is a Doctors lexicon & patients conviction, he can only become old by age, not in terms of knowledge. This demands him to be a lifelong learner. Though Continuing education is important in most professions but continuing Pharmacy education is vital. A pharmacist’s knowledge directly influences the patient’s health, since he is the first access point for a patient.

“Healthcare is a very challenging profession. I am sure, you don’t want to wake up one day and find you’re obsolete.” Wake up and refresh your knowledge at the earliest with the new user friendly online refresher course designed by Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council’s Drug Information center with minimum enrollment charges. This course is designed keeping in mind the current demands of the society. In addressing the challenges of today’s pharmacist, we do not want to leave behind technology which offers a number of advantages. Thus, to help you learn at your own pace & ease council’s Drug information center has designed the course.

I request all fellow Pharmacists’s to use this facility and help enhance the quality of healthcare provided as well as improve our own professional status & earn the esteem we deserve.

Drug Information Center
Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council
Mrs Saili Masal
Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council


Advancing with technology has become imperative in today’s world, which gave me the vigor to transform the one day refresher course conducted by MSPC to an Online Refresher Course. However, the development of the project involved direct or indirect inputs from a number of mentor’s, colleagues & my belief in the saying;

“Learn everything you can,
Anytime you can,
From anyone you can
There will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

The entire Refresher course team of MSPC deserves a high regard, for their work through all these years has been used as a reference for designing the new course. I am grateful to Mrs. Saili Masal, Dr. Sampada Patvardhan, Mrs. Manjiri Gharat & Ms. Zarine Khety for inputs taken from their presentations & modules, Dr. Atmaram Pawar & Mr. Dilip Kadam for their contribution in terms of the books published by them which has been a good source of reference for the design of this course. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Raj Vaidya for his support in form of Good Pharmacy Practice Training manual which is designed for the community pharmacist. I acknowledge the material taken from this manual for professional purpose.

services of HASHTECH are highly appreciated for the development of the software.

All this is not without the support of Hon’ble Shri J.S. Shinde (Appa), AIOCD & MSCDA President, Mr. Vijay Patil, President MSPC, Mr. Vinay Shroff, Vice President MSPC, along with all the past & present Executive Committee & Council members

Last but not the least the entire staff of MSPC has the credit for helping me in some or the other way.

This course has been designed keeping in mind the needs of Pharmacy Profession. If there are any shortcomings or slip-up, we are open to your constructive suggestions @

I seek your support in all my future endeavors.

Drug Information Centre
Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council

Drug Information center
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